The scouting movement in Russia was set up in 1909 after the last Russian Emperor read the book "Scouting for Boys” and initiated the development of scout groups throughout the country.

After the Russian Revolution, scouting was outlawed, many members went abroad, the rest worked underground.

After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, part of the Russian scouts returned home, so now our organization functions both in Russia and abroad.


Now there are more than 150 squads in Russia, about 2000 members. Every year we hold about 150 events - hikes, camps, meetings.


We would be glad to find out more about your organization and collaborate. We could run post-crossing or badges exchange among our units, write a small article in our media about each others' organization and the list is open!

We will be very happy to keep in touch with you and invite you to our events. Let's exchange contacts!

Contact persons
Anastasia Tartoussi
Head of the International Relations Sector
Alexey Bespalov
Head of the organization